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Customer Spotlight: Sarah Hall

August 25, 2022

Steve Smith, Carbon Positive Motorsport's CEO, talked with racing driver Sarah Hall.

Steve says, "I was very pleased that Sarah has decided to join us to offset her racing activities via our online portal, this is another step forward to including more racing drivers into our portfolio. We wish Sarah the very best as she plans her next assault this year.

"Like most clubman drivers, sponsorship is absolutely key to competing on a regular basis, so if you would like to support Sarah with her racing goals her contact details are listed below."

Photo credit Sarah Hall Motorsport & Media

Please tell us more about your background, what are your hobbies and interests?

I have always been involved in motorsport. I grew up following my Dad who raced in various disciplines around the UK and the odd trip to Europe. I started to work as a motorsport photographer when I left school and built that up from a hobby to a part time business. I always enjoyed cars and motorsport and was a regular on track days around the UK. I then fell into working as an instructor at a stunt school and the driving went from there. I now work for various vehicle manufacturers as a pro driver and driver trainer and also as an ADI for my own driving school.

On the flip side, one of my main hobbies is gardening (mainly veg). I don’t get much free time, so when I do, there’s nothing better than a calming mindful hobby. The opposite to the rest of my life really. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing, as it give you a long term focus, with the satisfaction at the end of growing your own food. And of course encouraging wildlife into the garden!

How did you start in racing?

I had always wanted to race, growing up around it. But I’d held back and life got busy. After a tough experience throughout lockdown I decided enough was enough and me and two pals went to get our race licences. I joined them at Brands Hatch in 2021 for a round of Enduroka for our debut.

What car and series do you run in and how are doing so far in 2022?

I’m currently not running a full season as I don’t have the funds. But I work for Focus Cup managing their media and the opportunity came up to race at my home track, Croft, so I jumped at the chance. This is only my second competitive event.

Why did you decide to offset your fuel usage?

I heard it was possible and thought it was a great idea. We do need to think about our impact as at some stage we will undoubtedly start to face restrictions on what we can race and how. To see any kind of racing as we know it die off, would be unbelievably tragic for so many people. Racing has such a heritage and it needs to be kept alive so we need fo act.

And why did you choose CPM to do that?

It was the first and only company I’d heard of doing it.

What and where is your next event? (After Croft this weekend)

I don’t have a set planned event yet as the rest of the year is so far booked up with work. It’s likely a last minute event might pop up that fits the calendar and budget and I’ll jump in.

Photo credit Sarah Hall Motorsport & Media

Who are your racing heroes and influencers?

My dad really. There’s people I admire, such as Senna. I love the journey that motorsport has taken, the people on it and how it’s shaped what we do and love. But I think my heart is with clubman level racing. It’s real, it’s simple and it’s full of people with a real passion for motorsport.

What are your racing ambitions for the future?

I want to learn and progress my skills, get more competitive and get out as much as I can and enjoy it.

Sarah is an independent automotive expert, specialising in automotive media including photography, social media and presenting. She is also a pro-driver and product expert and offers driver training, precision driving and event organisation via her company, Sarah Hall Motorsport & Media.

Follow Sarah on facebook @sarahhallmotorsport or check out her website

You can also get in touch with Sarah via

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