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Paul Glass

Paul is the founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport and is a lifelong motorsport enthusiast who competes both as a driver and co-driver in national level rallying.


Whilst with his young son watching a works group B car being driven by a world champion at a historic rally festival, Paul wondered if his son would be able to enjoy and participate in motorsport in the future. He asked himself if motorsport would suffer the same fate as GpB, due to the challenges and perception of climate change?


Reflecting on this, he decided to combine his passion for motorsport and business background in understanding he needs to innovate in a fast-changing world. His aim is to help make motorsport sustainable for future generations to enjoy, and so Carbon Positive Motorsport was conceived.


Steve Smith

Steve is joint director of Carbon Positive Motorsport and has over 35 years of experience within the motorsport & automotive industry including working with leading teams such as Prodrive.


As founder and director of his company, The Tree Group, Steve is regularly involved in supplying products and services to many of the world’s leading motorsport companies across all motorsport disciplines.

As a highly motivated and dynamic professional, Steve relishes bringing change through innovation in motorsport and contributes a unique understanding of the commercial and marketing benefits for competitors who want to make a difference through reducing their environmental impact through competition.

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Working in partnership with Highland Carbon

We secure world class standards of quality carbon offsetting in partnership with Highland Carbon, who were awarded best UK wide carbon offset provider in 2021 by Scottish Enterprise.

Highland Carbon was founded by Richard Clarke, who brings over 30 years’ experience of working in international conservation projects, and with many leading global and national companies who are committed to addressing climate change.

His expertise shapes and verifies carbon offsetting projects undertaken here in the UK, each of which meets the standards of the Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Carbon Code.


Highland Carbon also has the capabilities to help us provide dedicated motorsport offsetting services in other countries, using international certified carbon offsetting projects, and together with his team, Richard helps us to innovate in new offsetting technologies and environmental benefits.  

Our partnership reflects our passion for protecting and restoring the environment where the carbon emissions are generated. Wherever possible this means using offsetting projects based on rewilding, which restore native landscapes for the benefit of biodiversity and rare species. This strengthens our commitment to source local offsetting solutions in support of regional motorsport.



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