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Best Dakar result ever for Coronel brothers

30 January, 2024

Finishing 22nd in the final classification of the Dakar Rally, Tim and Tom Coronel achieved their best Dakar result ever.

Finishing 22nd in the final classification of the Dakar Rally, Tim and Tom Coronel achieved their best Dakar result ever. Here they are driving through the Empty Quarter

They drove a very stable rally in the Century CR6,  but lost a lot of time in the tenth stage. It was one of the toughest Dakars ever for the brothers, especially in the Empty Quarter. They are very happy with the result in the competitive T1.2 Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x2 class - Dakar did not get to them.

All the fuel used by the brothers during the gruelling 12-day event was offset by Carbon Positive Motosrport, helping them to mitigate their impact on the environment with a 200% level of carbon positive offsetting.

Tom and Tim Coronel celebrating their best Dakar result ever

Steve Smith, co-founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport was delighted with the result: "Many congratulations from all the team at CPM on a great achievement for Tim & Tom Coronel and the Century Racing and Coronel Dakar Team. It is incredible to finish this mammoth endurance event, especially when you consider they had to cover over 4,500 km of special stages over 12 back to back rally days. To finish 22nd overall - a best Dakar result ever - is amazing."

"Now the event has finished, CPM will offset an amazing total of 4,780 litres of fuel. That's just under 14 tonnes of CO2e carbon offsetting for one Dakar vehicle! Just imagine if we could offset more vehicles as we move into the 2025 event, what a difference that would make."

The brothers really enjoyed the rally. “It was really one of the best, especially in terms of challenge. So, it's great that we made it, but of course it still must sink in. But great to see how everyone participated. The car did very well, thanks everyone. I'm going to enjoy myself today.” Tim said at the finish.

Tim & Tom Coronel en route to their best Dakar result ever

"We really struggled for two weeks and it was a very tough one. Especially in the Empty Quarter and all the stones. The 48-hour stage was super tough, with those enormous dunes. Our experience then paid off,” Tom added.

"Knowing we had offset our fuel usage by partnering up with Carbon Positive Motorsport, was the best decision for us and the team. Offsetting all of our competition fuel used over this event, allowed us to show that small positive steps can be made to offset any type of motorsport. We we are looking forward to working again with Carbon Positive Motorsport over the 2025 event."

Check out their Dakar website and follow Tom Coronel at

and on their social media @TomCoronel and @Tim Coronel Dakarrally

Celebrating their best ever Dakar result, the Coronel rally team

It only costs a little to make a massive difference, so why not join with us to make motorsport sustainable and become positive about motorsport.


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