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New Carbon Project in Wales

July 2, 2024

Carbon Positive Motorsport are delighted to add a new carbon project in Wales to their project portfolio.


The innovative new project, located in Abergavenny, has the capacity to provide over 47,000 tonnes of CO2e capture over the project’s lifetime, through the blended planting of over 1,500 endangered sequoia trees with over 6,000 native broadleaf trees. The project is based at a former monocultural commercial planting site that has been repurposed to bring enhanced local biodiversity benefits with long lasting carbon capture.

Carbon Positive Motorsport are delighted to add a new carbon project in Wales to their project portfolio

Paul Glass from Carbon Positive Motorsport explained: "The majestic sequoia tree is not new to the UK, having been planted in our country now for over 150 years. They are a fascinating tree variety, being the largest tree in the world, with the longest lifespan of any tree – some examples are known to have lived for over 3,500 years! So it’s incredible to think that, due to global climate change, these trees - which can capture 10 times more carbon per hectare than any other tree - are now becoming endangered.


the sequioa trees at the project in wales help to provide long lasting carbon capture

"We spend a lot of time with our specialist partner looking at the quality and benefits of our projects. It's not as straightforward as some might think to secure the availability for motorsport use of projects that can meet our high standards, but also provide competitors and events with certification of future offsetting in their name in a visible and verifiable way.

"We see lots of potential for these globally recognised, FSC standard, Sequioa Carbon Code projects in many areas across the UK where there are suitable locations and sufficient rainfall to ensure their long-term success. To support the survival of these trees we now need to plant them in new locations such as the UK where they can thrive long into the future."

carbon project in Wales


Carbon Positive Motorsport director Steve Smith added, "We are delighted to be able to offer a suitable carbon project in Wales from our portfolio of projects.  Wales represents one of the most active regions for rallying in the UK and we work with a large number of events in the country.

"To be able to offer our Welsh events this project brings not only long-term carbon capture benefits, but also improved biodiversity and environmental benefits which strengthen our relevance in the local communities such as Wales that support motorsport."

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