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Celebrating one year of making motorsport more sustainable

9 February 2023

Carbon Positive Motorsport customers have helped make motorsport sustainable by offsetting over 200 tonnes of unavoidable carbon emissions in 2022.

After our first full year, the Carbon Positive Motorsport team would like to thank everyone who has supported us to help make motorsport more sustainable. There have been many highlights in 2022 – but the greatest of all is that over 200 tonnes of unavoidable carbon emissions that would otherwise contribute to climate change, will now be offset in the future from the use of our services and online platform by motorsport competitors.

We have been overwhelmed by the support our initiative has received from those within the sport. To understand how we can strengthen and develop what we do for the benefits of motorsport and the environment, we have actively sought feedback from our customers, the events who have worked with us, and many others involved in motorsport throughout the year.

Already the demands for our services have increased in 2023 – with many existing events developing their environmental roadmaps using our carbon offsetting services, and many new events already committing to offering carbon offsetting to their competitors in the year ahead in both rallying and racing.

For 2023 we are pleased to announce the following developments that we will introduce over the coming weeks:

Our online offer:

We have phased out our carbon neutral level of carbon offsetting, so that we will always only offset 25% more carbon than is generated by our customers. During 2023 we will also extend our carbon offsetting offer to tyre disposal and to electrical vehicles.

We have also worked hard to minimise price rises caused by the rapidly increasing cost prices of UK-based carbon offsetting projects, further strengthening the value for money we offer, by providing only the highest quality of 100% UK carbon offsetting projects based on rewilding.

Our event carbon offsetting service:

Since launching our rally event service package during 2022, all events who have participated have seen the majority of competitors decide to support their environmental plans through carbon offsetting.

This has brought widespread support from stakeholders and the communities these events take place in, as well as generating positive and high-profile interest in local and national media such as the BBC and Sky News. The media coverage helps to create and reinforce the positive perception of the motorssport in the communities where motorsport takes place and whose support is necessary.

We will strengthen and develop this service further for rallying, with an updated database of calculations that includes a retirement factor . We'll also launch a new package for circuit racing and other motorsport disciplines who have expressed an interest.

Our website:

In a effort to help build understanding of the risks to our sport and explain more simply what carbon offsetting is and how it benefits our sport, we will publish a regular ‘Positive Blog’ in addition to our regular news updates and features. The website will also have new links to updated brochures and services.

Our projects:

Working with our exclusive partner Highland Carbon, we will launch new carbon offsetting projects offering more regional diversity and relevance to events both in the UK and internationally.

We would like thank everyone for their support since our launch and wish all involved in motorsport a successful and positive 2023.

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable. To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit our website #CarbonPositiveMotorsport #CarbonPositive #PositiveAboutMotorsport #2023Update


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