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Customer Spotlight: Brett Murray

Brett Murray and his first season moving from tarmac to the forests as a BTRDA competitor

Since our launch we've counted Brett Murray as one of our most enthusiastic customers - Brett has been active in promoting his view on the need to take positive action to reduce the impact on the environment from motorsport activities.

Brett’s awareness of the need to strengthen sustainability in the sport stems from his day-to-day job, where his electrical company are increasingly working with customers to improve energy efficiency and to reduce emissions.

This year Brett has decided to use his self-built car in the BTRDA championship, bringing him into the forest stages for the first time on the Rallynuts stages which partnered with Carbon Positive Motorsport. We decided to support Brett on this event, offsetting not only his competion fuel but also that of his service vehicle.

When asked about his change to the forest for this season Brett said ‘’For this season it’s a case of scratching an itch, forestry rallies are what I fell in love with as a kid, expecially watching Colin McRae win his championship on the RAC.

"Moving to the forests will stretch our budget for the season, so it will be a limited number of rallies at this level for the time being – but even so, we will always compete with carbon offsetting - it's low cost, the right thing to do in our sport, and has already helped me gain the support of sponsors to help me.

"Rallynuts was my first crack at a forestry event, it was a great experience and learning curve, I wasn't expecting any sort of result, but was very proud to have finished. Enjoying our rallying is our main priority."

Carbon Positive Motorsport director Steve Smith said ‘’From our brand launch, Brett has been so enthusiastic about our purpose and has often talked about us in podcasts and within his car club. We are very grateful for that and thank Brett and all our customers for their support - we see so many going the extra mile to promote what we are doing. It was great to meet him at last on the Rallynuts Stages and follow his progress through to the finish."

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit


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