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Our New End-to-end Carbon Offsetting Service

Carbon Positive Motorsport announce a new end-to-end carbon offsetting package for rally championships and events.

This new package has been developed based on experience and feedback from both competitors and the numerous events we have worked with this year, to offer a comprehensive solution and service that has been proven to provide high levels of voluntary carbon offsetting which are cost free to an event.

The package was piloted on this year’s Nicky Grist Stages and was highly successful, with over 60% of entrants adopting voluntary carbon offsetting on the first event to use such a package, which allows 28,000kg CO2e to be offset in the future.

We believe this to be the highest level of carbon offsetting achieved on a voluntary basis by competitors in the UK. Whilst it does not cover all associated event carbon emissions, it provides a significant and promotable first step on an event's journey to net zero.

The end-to-end package is structured to provide a full turnkey solution for any rally event and meets the needs of event stakeholders over four simple steps. In addition to carbon offsetting, the package provides events and organisers with a complete range of supporting services that enable organisers to focus on running successful and sustainable events.

We are a purpose led business, not driven by personal profit – operating exclusively for the benefit of those involved in UK motorsport. Unlike traditional non-specialist carbon offsetting providers, we work through our own relevant motorsport-based methodologies, and by using only the highest quality certified 100% UK carbon offsetting projects based on rewilding, which bring greater environmental, social, and economic benefits to the communities that support UK rallying, than lower cost overseas schemes which do not.

Such quality of projects are extremely scarce to obtain, and together with our partners Highland Carbon who are one of the UKs leading carbon offsetting providers, we are active in identifying and developing new regional projects with increased carbon offsetting capacities for the future use in motorsport, and for the benefit of the UK communities in which UK rallying takes place and relies upon.

By increasing the participation of all events in carbon offsetting, we can increase the volume of carbon offsetting in order to lower its relative costs and secure sufficient high quality sustainable offsetting capacities for the future. It’s a great win-win benefit for events to work together with us for the future benefit of motorsport and the environment.

Carbon Positive Motorsport was established to be people and planet positive, with the belief that those involved in motorsport activities could make a difference to the world we live in.

Company founders Paul Glass and Steve Smith have both been involved in motorsport for over 30 years, Paul as a clubman competitor, and Steve working in the motorsport industry with many leading teams such as Prodrive.

Both have decided to combine their love of motorsport with their professional skills, to bring a valuable and easy to use service to all who are involved in motorsport – providing a way to help reduce the impact on the environment of the carbon footprint from motorsport.

You can help to make a big difference for the sport whether you're an event organiser, competitor, spectator, or a business involved in motorsport.

Join with us to help make motorsport environmentally sustainable. Contact us for an initial event consultation to meet your event requirements - we offer a full range of bespoke services as well as our end-to-end carbon offsetting package.

For more information, or to become Carbon Positive yourself, visit .


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