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Grampian Rally competitors to offset carbon emissions

Motorsport’s first dedicated carbon offsetting provider is working with top competitors on the Grampian Rally

The Grampian Rally will be the first motorsport event to include competitors who are competing with their carbon emissions offset by

The purpose driven company, established by Paul Glass & Steve Smith, makes it possible for events, competitors and spectators to be able to easily access and offset their carbon footprint emissions - to help make motorsport sustainable for the future, and to make a positive difference to the environment and climate change. offers different packages of services and offsetting levels based on the expected emission levels of its users. These levels range from carbon neutral - where all expected emissions are offset - to carbon positive, where 25% more emissions are offset than are created.

These carbon offsets are provided through certified carbon credits from UK managed projects (over 80%), primarily based on high quality tree planting and rewilding programmes, to return the greatest environmental benefit possible in the communities where the emissions are created.

The Grampian Rally is a round of the British and Scottish Rally Championships, and features 12 competitors across the full entry who will compete with their carbon footprint offset to a carbon positive level on the event.

Competitors include the No. 1 car, driven by Matt Edwards, British Rally Champion, and the No. 8 car, driven by Jock Armstrong, Scottish Rally Champion. Jock Armstrong is part of the Dom Buckley Team, who are also offsetting the emissions of their other competing cars.

In addition, Matt Edwards and Scottish rally competitor Ashleigh Morris will also have the rest of their 2021 season emissions offset.

Ashleigh says, "It’s really important to me to reduce the impact of my rallying on the environment. It’s vital that we all do what we can to reduce our emissions and protect the planet and the future of motorsport, so I’m really excited to be involved with such an important project with Carbon Positive Motorsport and to see the positive impact we can make together."

"It’s really important to me to reduce the impact of my rallying on the environment." - Ashleigh Morris

Anyone who wants to make a positive difference to the environment through motorsport can find out more and register their interest on the website ahead of the launch of the full range of carbon offsets, suitable for all motorsport disciplines, in late September.

The website includes an exclusive range of high quality "positive about motorsport" merchandise, manufactured from recycled materials and distributed by carbon neutral delivery. 25% of all profits from the positive about motorsport merchandise range are donated towards UK based tree planting, rewilding, and community projects.

During the remainder of the 2021 season, competitors in other events and motorsport disciplines will be provided with carbon offsetting. Exciting plans are already in place to support a variety of competitors and events during the 2022 season, as the company seeks to create widespread support and adoption of its services by those who are driven by their love for motorsport and who recognise the need to make motorsport sustainable.

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