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Q&A with Meghan Okane

February 28 2023

Carbon Positive Motorsport catch up with rally customer, Meghan Okane.

We talked to Meghan ahead of the AM Phillip Trucktech Snowman Rally, where she will be competing in her Fiesta, with her father John co-driving.

CPM: Hi Meghan – it’s great to have you in our first customer feature of the year.

You have been a regular and valued customer since our launch - what makes you want to include carbon offsetting in your rallying exploits?

MO: With a good few years of rallying ahead of me, I feel that carbon offsetting is one of the best ways to ensure a future for motorsport, and is a solution which can be accessible to all levels of competitors. Hybrid/electric rally cars have a long way to come before they can become a part of clubman motorsport which is why It is important to do our bit at a lower level in the sport.

CPM: How did you get started in motorsport? and what was your attraction especially to rallying?

MO: My dad has always been involved in motorsport; I grew up spectating on rallies, and I’ve been wanting to compete in them for as long as I can remember. I learned to drive in my dad’s MKII Escort and began competing in local autotests with Skye Rally Club.

In 2015 I started navigating for my dad on single venue rallies, and then moved on to gravel and closed road events. However, my goal was always to get into the driver’s seat - which I did in 2018, borrowing my dad’s Escort for the Kingdom Stages at Leuchars. It wasn’t long after that I bought my first rally car – a wee 1400 Vauxhall Nova!

CPM: You had a great season in 2022 – what were the highlights for you?

MO: One of my highlights from last year has got to be the Jim Clark Rally weekend. I navigated on the national event for Nikki Addison, and then drove the Reivers Rally on the Sunday for my first event competing on closed roads. I loved every minute of it, and to get a finish on both rallies made it even better!

Another highlight has got to be the Snowman Rally, which started my first season driving in the Scottish Rally Championship. The Snowman always means a lot to me being my local event. I grew up spectating at it for so many years, so I was delighted to finally get the chance to drive it and get to the finish!

CPM: How are preparations going for this coming season, and what are your plans for the year?

MO: Slowly but surely! I’ve made the step up to a 2L for this season which has been harder than I initially thought! We’ve had a couple of setbacks along the way, but hopefully it’ll all come together in time for the Snowman.

I’m planning to do the full SRC again, competing on as many rounds as possible. It’ll be great to have the extra power of the 2L, and I’m looking forward to be moving up a class. I’ll also be out navigating for my dad again on some single venue rallies, starting with Knockhill’s Grant Construction Stages this month.

CPM: good luck this season, Meghan!

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

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