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Motorsport Legends: Questmead - Alan Brown

Steve Smith, Carbon Positive Motorsport's CEO, talked to Alan Brown from Questmead recently.

"I was very pleased when Alan Brown, the founder of Questmead, first asked me to offset his diesel fuel usage from his fleet of Motorsport spares support vans that travel up and down the UK race circuits and rallies, supporting all types of professional and clubman Motorsport teams and drivers with brake pads and discs, fire suppression systems, oils, clutch systems and lights and so on.

I go back personally with Alan, 30 years+ and I am very privileged to know him as my good friend. I can remember Alan in his Mark III Ford Escort van with plastic bread bins stuffed full of Mintex pads... they have come a long way since then, being one of the biggest AP racing dealers globally. Not an easy achievement, coming after years of hard work and massive commitment of personal time from Alan, Steve his son, and all the team at Questmead, and because of that the team at CPM consider them motorsport legends.

Let's face it, if you're in motorsport you know of Questmead, and they certainly are Legends!

I would like to say a big thank you to all at Questmead for partnering up with CPM to offset each and every drop of diesel used. We will also be looking after the team's motorsport/event cars to fully offset all petrol usage when the cars are out in anger!"

CPM: How long has Questmead been in business, and what is Questmead best known for?

AB: It's been 32 years in September... it feels longer!

I hope we are known for selling the best products & giving the best service. I'd like to think we offer unrivalled service to the motorsport industry worldwide. It has taken many years for the team to clock up literally tens of thousands of miles and attend hundreds of events to establish close customer relationships. CPM: What made you decide to first offset the diesel that the vans use to and from race and rally events all over the UK, as well as some European events, via Questmead HQ in Rochdale?

AB: We need to promote the sport of rallying and showing we are responsible by offsetting is a major help. Questmead as competitors, and as a business should, and indeed, are obliged to support initiatives to help the sport we all get pleasure from and in our case earn a living from.

CPM: You're offsetting your diesel usage on an ongoing month by month basis with Carbon Positive Motorsport, overall are you happy with the expected monthly cost and the high quality of the diesel offset?

AB: It’s a once a year conversation with the accountant… the quite small amount will melt into the background of running costs! CPM: How do you see the future plans with Questmead?

AB: We are having a strong year considering all the problems with costs, labour, vans & poor supply from manufacturers! It will get better when I take a back seat and let Steve (his son) take over more!

You can check out Questmead's website at or find them on facebook and you can follow Steve's rallying exploits on

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor, spectator, or a business involved in motorsport, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

For more information, or to become Carbon Positive yourself, visit


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