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Mull Rally Partners with CPM

The Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally to partner with Carbon Positive Motorsport to provide carbon offsetting for this year’s event.

The 50th running of the Mull Rally will coincide with the announcement to partner with Carbon Positive Motorsport as part of the event’s long term environmental accreditation roadmap, by providing carbon offsetting for all competitors and organisers event vehicles.

Carbon Positive Motorsport are the first company in the world to offer dedicated carbon offsetting services exclusively for motorsport, providing carbon offsetting for all motorsport events, teams, competitors, and spectators.

The initiative forms the first step of a partnership that will help create an environmental road map for the event, to progressively reduce and further offset the event’s carbon footprint.

For 2022 they will provide carbon positive levels of offsetting for all the rally organisation vehicles and provide a successful voluntary offsetting package for event competitors, which will provide in the future 25% more carbon offsetting levels than is generated today through the estimated average fuel use associated with their participation.

Current triple British Rally Champion Matt Edwards has been a long-standing campaigner for the need for rallying to improve its environmental perception, and has been heavily involved with Carbon Positive Motorsport as its leading brand ambassador since its launch last year.

The Carbon Positive Motorsport initiative has since its launch generated large interest in the sport - as competitors and events across all motorsport disciplines have started to recognise and act on the environmental needs of the sport, to ensure that motorsport and the environment are sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

By only using the highest possible quality of 100% UK-based carbon offsetting projects which generate carbon reduction in the future through rewilding, greater environmental benefits such as restoration of ancient woodlands, and the reintroduction of native species of trees and animals to improve biodiversity, will result in greater positive environmental impact than by offsetting alone.

Stringent verification processes assure genuine and greater long-lasting impact than for typical commercial carbon offsetting schemes, which often use low cost and quality overseas projects, or abatement schemes which generally replace future carbon emissions rather than sequester and capture the existing carbon in the atmosphere.

All carbon offsetting for this year’s event will be registered on the UK Land registry in the name of the event and organising club, which ensures traceability of the total carbon emissions that will be offset.

Tom Howie is a regular customer of Carbon Positive Motorsport’s services, and competed in last year’s event using the company’s online carbon offsetting service.

To further reduce the event’s environmental impact, Carbon Positive Motorsport are also offering all Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally competitors and spectators a 20% discount on their standard web shop prices, to encourage all travelling to the event to help bring a greater positive environmental impact.

Additionally, the company is donating 10% of their sales profits from the event to support motorsport organisations in the Ukraine, who are providing humanitarian aid to people who have been devastated by the current war through a collaboration with championship winning Ukrainian co driver Juliya Yefymova.

Triple British Rally Champion Matt Edwards, who is a brand ambassador for Carbon Positive Motorsport, and competitor on the 2021 event said: “This is another great example of the initiatives and products made available by Carbon Positive Motorsport being engaged by a high-profile event in the UK motorsport calendar. Of course, given its popularity and location, this event probably creates a higher-than-average carbon footprint so I would encourage competitors and spectators alike, travelling long distances to the island to look into what’s on offer and do their bit, however small it may be.”

Clerk of the course Richard Crozier said of the partnership: “We’re delighted to be able to join forces with Carbon Positive Motorsport for this year’s event. We are proud that our initiatives last year, and recognition of this crucial topic, marked us out as of one of the first rallies in the UK to have started on our environmental journey, so to continue building upon that, is incredibly important to us. The Isle of Mull is renowned for its stunning scenery, wildlife and habitat, with the route passing through several National Scenic Areas, so for us to do all we can to protect our host environment, is key critical to the event’s long-term future. We’re excited to see what we can achieve together!”

Carbon Positive Motorsport director, Paul Glass added, "We are delighted to support the iconic Beatson’s Building Supplies Mull Rally, especially in the year of its 50th running, with a new package we are offering for rally events, that uses our unique database of rally car fuel consumption, which is based on actual competition consumption figures to create an average figure that we can apply and offset.

"We have been working with events and competitors’ feedback to create an ‘end to end’ event carbon offsetting package – which was recently piloted successfully on the Nicky Grist Stages. The package which is all about creating an easy and affordable way for an event to make the biggest positive carbon offsetting impact.

"This achieves a significant first step in mitigating the event's carbon footprint and greatly helps the organisers address the environmental concerns of local communities and stakeholders whose support is needed to ensure the event’s future success, by using Mull and Loch Ness based carbon offsetting projects to sequester carbon.

"We are a purpose led business, run by competitors and motorsport professionals who are genuinely passionate about motorsport and the environment. Our sole purpose is to help protect motorsport and the environment – making both sustainable for future generations to enjoy, and it doesn't cost a lot to make a big difference.’’

A special discount code (MR22CS) has been created to use on Carbon Positive Motorsport’s online sales platform, which will be available for all competitors and spectators to use to carbon offset their event related travel.

You can help to make a big difference for the sport - whether you're an event organiser, competitor, spectator, or a business involved in motorsport, why not join with us to help make motorsport environmentally sustainable. Contact us for an initial event consultation to meet your event requirements - we offer a full range of bespoke services as well as our end-to-end carbon offsetting package.

For more information, or to become Carbon Positive yourself, visit


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