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We Stand with Ukraine

We are supporting motorsport organisations and competitors in Ukraine, who are providing humanitarian assistance to those in need.

The urgency of the crisis in Ukraine has led us to allocate 10% of our sales profits to causes

supporting humanitarian assistance in the country.

Carbon Positive Motorsport has had a relationship with several people within Ukraine’s motorsport community long before the recent atrocities began. We have learned first-hand from people on the ground just how bad the situation is. Images and stories that news channels do not broadcast, and circumstances that we are fortunate not to experience.

Since the war started, we have been appalled at the disregard for human life and the unacceptable basis for such a war. We are heartbroken to see such events, and the long-term consequences that will affect a generation of people, and the world we live in for a long time to come.

At the same time as having these feelings of despair, we have been heartened to see the work of many organisations and individuals who are actively supporting Ukrainians inside and outside of their borders. We have learned more about how many involved in Ukrainian motorsport have responded to the crisis and the needs of their people.

We must do what we can to help in whatever small way possible, specifically by helping others who share our passion for motorsport and who are bravely doing amazing things in direct danger to themselves.

Juliya's Story

In recent weeks we have been in regular contact with Juliya Yefymova, who works in the medical profession. Until the war started Juliya lived happily with her mother in Kharkov – now one of the most devastated cities in the war.

Until then, she lived for motorsport, “dedicating half my life to it, and being brought up around wonderful motorsports people”; she was outgoing, very happy and a successful championship winning co-driver.

‘’Motorsports people are incredible and sensitive people, this is my second family, therefore, I think that any support for Ukraine will be important whether it will work out or not, everything will be as it should be. I’m pleased that so many people are not indifferent to the situation in our country.’’

Juliya Yefymova

Following an explosion that all but destroyed their home, she had to flee for her own safety, leaving her injured mother behind. A few days on she was rejoicing that friends had bravely entered her home to recover her racing helmet and clothing – something she could hold onto and believe in for the future, when one day she could return to competing.

Juliya told us, ‘’Many of my friends have died, some went missing, and this is very scary, because we don’t know where we can run away to. You must understand that even $1 can help us now, we are greatful for every penny, it gives us life. In the first month humanitarian aid was active, and now less and less’’.

"This is what my apartment looked like some weeks ago, when my mom got injured. But now the neighbours say the house was shelled many more times and there was a fire on the upper floor.

“This is what my city, my district looks like... where I was born and raised. Now every Ukrainian helps each other, and now we understand that our life is the most valuable thing, there are fewer needs, we are all very united. We will be greatful, probably all our lives now, especially for the fact that the whole world is with us and you give us life for another day.

"We cry every day around the house, and the fact that so many strangers help us from the world. We can now find relatives spontaneously all over the world, thank you for stopping by and supporting me and my family."

Despite weeks of messages, never once did Juliya ask for help – only her wish to end the war so people could live in a free Ukraine, where her people could start to rebuild their lives, and for her the return to rallying – her normality.

So we decided to ask, “What we could do?” and used her understanding of the needs on the ground to direct us to what we could best do to help. Juliya told us that her rally team had decided to use their driving skills and support vehicles to start running humanitarian aid into dangerous areas to provide people with much needed equipment and aid to those not fortunate enough to leave the areas under the most attacks.

The Evdokymov racing team that Juliya is part of used their vehicles to collect and distribute needed humanitarian aid.

But needs change day to day, so we decided that over time we would adjust our support to those causes most needing help, and those perhaps not so well supported by other fund-raising activities. During the conflict Juliya was invited to an event in Lithuania that was raising awareness for 'Support for Ukraine' and we will feature this in our next update.

You can make donations to these causes through purchasing our carbon offsetting services, or our merchandise.

We hope all in UK motorsport will join together to help those in need, and to help to make motorsport sustainable for the future. Thank you.

Steve Smith & Paul Glass – Directors of Carbon Positive Motorsport

On behalf of all our brand ambassadors, suppliers, supporters, and Ukrainian friends.


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