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Ambassador Feature: Garry Pearson

After a record breaking 2021, Garry Pearson is focusing on the British Rally Championship for 2022 and will be one of the leading contenders for victory in this weekend’s Nicky Grist Stages.

Confidence will be high for Garry, as the event follows his victory at the McRae Rally Challenge, an achievement made even more impressive given the level of competition in the field and competing with a novice co-driver on his first ever event – what a way to start!

We caught up with Garry at the McRae Rally Challenge and asked him a few questions.

CPM: Garry it is a pleasure to have you join us as an ambassador for this year – what motivates you to have your carbon offset in competition?

GP: For me we all need to be doing this in our sport, it’s going to be a thing of the future.

CPM: You come to the Nicky Grist Stages hot from your popular and well-deserved victory at the McRae Rally Challenge – what was it like to participate and win such an event?

GP: Great weekend first of all, credit to the organisers, Asset Alliance for supporting it and to VK Timber & Hankook for supporting me, it means a lot to win the event. Colin McRae was somebody I looked up to and his onboards are phenomenal to watch. It really was a special weekend.

CPM: How did you start out in rallying?

GP: I started rallying the day after I passed my driving test, two weeks after I turned 17…guess what event I did? The Colin McRae Stages – where Jimmy & Alister drove Mk2 escorts and there were all the stars, Ari Vatanen, Kris Meeke, Andrew Cowan, Hannu Mikkola, Bjorn Waldegard & Russell Brooks - the year after Colin tragically passed away.

My father had a big influence on my rallying career, he used to rally Nova’s in the 90’s and that quickly followed into my brother competing in 2005 in a 205, so it was natural for me to get involved and believe me I knew everything about their rallying when I was a kid, I just thrived on knowing as much about the rally scene as I could. I was lucky enough to have Colin Aitchison (Hacker) around to build cars for me, he built autocross cars, 205’s, Corsa’s & I had a few learning accidents which he always put right for me!

CPM: What has been the highlight of your career so far? – I guess four National titles in one year?

GP: The Scottish Championship was the most special for me, sealing that lifted huge pressure and everything after that came naturally. It was also rewarding all the people who have backed me and believed in me with the four titles, everyone’s time and effort into my development was starting to show some promise!

CPM: One thing we admire about you is how popular you are amongst competitors, together with your professionalism in the sport – what's your advice to others who want to follow your success?

I wouldn’t say I’m popular, but I do get on with a lot of people and I am really down to earth. I do try to be professional in everything I do. My advice would be to work hard, very hard and never give up in all aspects of your life.

CPM: Final question – and it's looking to the future – how do you see the sport developing in the future and what are your ambitions in the sport?

GP: I think the sport continues to be hugely popular, I do worry about events and organisation going forward – we do need more organisers. On a whole, do I think it’ll be hybrid in time? Yes, for definite, fully electric? Might take longer! But whatever happens, my plan is to keep driving and competing and improving event by event, week by week with an ambition of winning an international series in the next 3 years.

You can follow Garry Pearson on facebook/garry.pearson.509

Garry is sponsored by Hankook Tire Global | Asset Alliance Group | VK Timber & Building Merchants Ltd | Gulf Oil Gulf Race Fuels | George Anderson Builders | Solid Fuel Hub | RL Smith & Sons | Pearsons of Duns | Carbon Positive Motorsport

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