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Dakar Rally is GO!!

January 5, 2024

Finally after all the waiting, the prologue stage of this years Dakar Rally kicks off today! Carbon Positive Motorsport are delighted to be offsetting every single drop of fuel used for the Coronel Team car.

the Coronel Team Car ready to start the 2024 Dakar Rally

The past two days have been all about the final preparations for Tim and Tom Coronel before today's prologue stage starts the event. The test with the Century CR6 went well and scrutineering was completed without any problems, with time to put the finishing touches to the Coronel Dakar Team car.

“We have of course already been able to adjust some small things on the car. It felt ridiculously good again and Tom was also good again straight away. So that really felt like coming home, because it felt very normal actually,” says Tim.

The vibe within the team is also good. “I only see smiles from the mechanics, but also from Michel and Thomas and of course Tom. So I am very satisfied with what is stated here, with many thanks to our relations. We are just standing here among the big factory teams and that feels very special.”

Tom wants to go all out in the prologue: “It's actually a kind of qualifying run, of 28 kilometers. So we make the car as light as possible and make sure we look good. The next two days will be important and long. Then you don't want to sit too far back, because you immediately lose a lot of time. So we're going for it and are really looking forward to it. We want both cars to reach the finish.”

the Coronel Team Car ready to start the 2024 Dakar Rally sponsored by Carbon Positive Motorsport

Steve Smith, the co-founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport, is a big fan of the Dakar Rally: "I have attended many rallies over the past 35+ years within my time in Motorsport and Dakar just blows my mind. 12 stages will follow the prologue, with 14 days of competition between January 5 to 19 over a distance of almost 8000 kilometres, of which Carbon Positive Motorsport will offset every single drop of fuel used for the Tom Coronel Team car.

"2024 will mark the Dakar Rally’s fifth staging in the vast Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it’s impressive landscape. Every year I follow the social media channels and watch the Eurosport evening coverage which is excellent. It's all about endurance, survival and a bit of luck to get you to the finish line."

Brothers Tim and Tom Coronel's Dakar Rally competition car.

Carbon Positive Motorsport would like to take this opportunity to wish the team the very best of luck for the rally.

You can find all the links to follow the adventures of the Coronel Dakar team here at Linktree

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