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New - Offset your whole season!

Carbon Positive Motorsport have launched an easy new way for competitors in all motorsport disciplines to offset their carbon emissions from a whole season.

We have designed our new offsetting solution to give competitors a quick and easy way to offset their estimated carbon emissions, based on their fuel use for a season.

Competitors can choose to offset either one, two or three tonnes of CO2e for any events they did which were not already providing carbon offsetting as part of their entry fee.

Calculated using government approved carbon conversion factors, each tonne represents 430 litres of petrol used. Our unique fuel use database, collated from our ambassadors and customers, shows that most competitors use between 430 and 1290 litres per season.

A more positive way to offset your carbon emissions for a whole season

Carbon Positive Motorsport has become known for providing 125% positive levels of future offsetting using only the highest quality Woodland Carbon Code verified carbon offsetting projects in the UK.

Our new season solution goes even further in helping mitigate global climate change, by providing 100% offsetting right now, and an additional 100% in the future.

Offset your season decal

We achieve this through the combined use of high-quality reforestation carbon reduction units from properly verified overseas projects overseas, together with additional future carbon reduction units which are in development from existing UK projects, based on project issuance units (PIUs) – effectively a promise to offset in the future.

This means competitors can legitimately claim to have offset their emissions immediately, together with positively offsetting the same level again in the future as the UK carbon offsetting projects mature and are audited to become carbon reduction units.

A new way to promote to sponsors and spectators that you are positive about motorsport

A new way to promote to sponsors and spectators that you are positive about motorsport

With each tonne of offsetting purchased, we will send you a gift pack with your offsetting certificate detailing the projects and verification standards used, together with two unique decals which can be used to proudly communicate your offsetting for the 2023 season, all printed on FSC certified paper or using recycled materials.

Competitors who estimate to use less than 430 litres of fuel during their season, can still purchase future offsets online, based on their exact litres used.

Paul Glass, director of Carbon Positive Motorsport said, "We are constantly looking at new ways to provide offsetting in the easiest and most effective way for competitors. Our new solution sets out to do this in the best possible way.

"Combining high quality and properly verified overseas carbon reduction units that are fully proven to deliver offsetting levels now, with UK carbon offsetting projects which will take some time to deliver their offsetting levels, really creates a huge step forward in how all of us in motorsport can demonstrate that we are contributing in a positive way to help mitigate the climate crisis today and in the future."

Offset your whole season gift pack with certificates and decals

The new offsetting package has been created in response to competitor feedback and is available to purchase now, making it an ideal Christmas gift for those who want to make motorsport and the environment more sustainable for future generations to enjoy.


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