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The Reed Group East Riding Stages aims to Offset 37t CO2e

21 December 2022

Using Carbon Positive Motorsport's carbon offsetting services for the second year, the Reed Group East Riding Stages Rally aims to offset a minimum of 37 tonnes of CO2e from the 2023 event.

Starting at the inaugural event last February, the rally has worked hard to explore how to minimise its carbon footprint and make motorsport more sustainable.

In 2022 they were the first UK rally to offer competitors the opportunity to offset their emissions from their fuel usage, and remain the only event to fully offset the carbon emissions generated by their spectators.

Photo thanks to James Ward at Chicane Media

In 2023 the rally is continuing to work with Carbon Positive Motorsport and will fully offset all competitors carbon emissions from fuel usage. Together with their offset spectator carbon emissions, we expect to reach a minimum of 37,000kg of CO2e.

Event Director, Richard Vincent explains: "Carbon Positive Motorsport make it really easy for individuals to offset even small amounts of carbon emissions. Their scheme is not greenwashing; the offsets come from high quality, verified and registered tree planting and rewilding schemes that actually take place here in the UK. With their Carbon Positive product, they put more back than the competitor takes out."

Carbon Positive Motorsport founder, Paul Glass, added, "Carbon offsetting is not the only solution that addresses the challenges of climate change, but achieving Net Zero by 2050 simply can’t be reached without carbon offsetting and the long term benefits the high-quality projects we use will deliver."

Richard Vincent added, "Whatever our hobbies are, they're going to impact on the environment in one way or another. The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

"I love rallying and I’ve been involved in the sport one way or another since I was 14 years old. I wanted to explore what I could do, as the Event Director of Yorkshire's first closed road rally, to make a difference to the environment and to reduce the impact of the event. Motorsport is leading the way in this field and I would love to see other sports and their spectators following our initiative.

"All the signage we use on the event has again been printed on fully recyclable materials, thanks to our sponsor Greens the Signmakers. I ask you all to look at your fuel usage, visit the Carbon Positive Motorsport website at and help us to make motorsport sustainable now."


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