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Formula G is back with a bang with CPM for year two!

20th February 2023

We're very pleased to announce that Formula G will be back on board with Carbon Positive Motorsport for the forthcoming 2023 season.

Formula G, the UK's hottest gymkhana series, will be back in 2023, and this year's target is clear - to offset all of the fuel used in this year's championship as Carbon Positive.

Photo courtesy Dave Gardener at Delta Pixels: @delta.pixels

John Birell, organiser of Formula G Championship, told us, "We're looking forward to another successful year with Carbon Positive Motorsport. Our goal is to keep Formula G affordable as well as sustainable!

"Carbon Positive Motorsport has been a big part of that journey. It's important for us, as diehard motorsport fans, to help ensure our beloved sport is working towards being futureproof and tackling the environmental challenges is key to that.

"During the 2022 season, with the help of CPM, we offset all 1,180 litres of fuel we used on track and were pleasantly surprised by how affordable that was. Looking ahead, we’re aiming to build on our environmental credentials in 2023 and beyond."

By buying Carbon Positive Formula G will make a positive difference to the environment, with the future offsetting 125% of the emissions from direct fuel usage. Steve Smith, CPM director, said "We wish all of the competitors a safe and enjoyable Formula G season and this year we will attend one or two of the events to support John and his competitors."

Photo: Sebastian Allan

In 2023 Formula G will be trialing something slightly different to make the championship more competitive for new entrants, by splitting the 2WD class into Pro and Street. This will separate those with big builds from those with relatively standard cars, making an entry into the world of gymkhana a little less daunting.

Confirmed 2023 Formula G dates:

● 25 Feb - Learn to Gymkhana! at Brands Hatch (strictly novices only, full day with tuition!)

● 19 Mar - Practice Day at Santa Pod

● 3-4 June - Championship Double Header at Santa Pod

● 20-21 October - Championship Double Header at Santa Pod

Photo: Saadat Jesper-Mir

You can contact John below for more details on Formula G:

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit our website

New for 2023, Carbon Positive Motorsport are now also offsetting motorsport tyres.

For more information click here


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