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Comprop Guernsey Rally to offset 9000kg CO2e.

22 February 2023

The 2023 Comprop Guernsey Rally will carbon offset 9000kg of CO2e through the inclusion of carbon offsetting for all rally competitors and organisers vehicles in partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport.

The 40 competitive mile event is the longest distance run so far by the event organisers, and combines both stages run in the night and during the day.

Caren Vidamour of the Guernsey Rally Committee said: "The 2023 Comprop Guernsey Rally has without doubt been our most challenging yet for one reason or another. We are very thankful to the many people who give up their time to help with the event to help assist with official roles and ensure the event is safe, enjoyed and runs as it should. We are also grateful to the many local authorities who we consult with during the organising of the event, ensuring everything is covered.

"We also thank many of the residents for their support and understanding with road closures and any short-term inconvenience. It goes without saying that without our sponsors there would be no rally, and we are forever grateful for their continued interest and support."

Paul Glass, founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport added: "The sheer effort of the organising team this year has been incredible. We have been delighted to support the event to mitigate its carbon footprint, and in doing so help the event organisers to promote a positive environmental message to the community whom the event relies upon so much.

"Spectators and competitors travelling for the event can take advantages of a special discount code to further offset their fuel consumption related carbon emissions using the discount code CPMGR2023."

The event seeks to reduce its environmental impact as part of a long-term environmental road map, which hopes to extend this partnership to other motorsport events in Guernsey.

The rally will join other events in the UK by using Carbon Positive Motorsport's end-to-end event package, which uses only the highest quality of rewilding-based carbon offsetting projects. Unlike low cost overseas carbon offsetting schemes often used by other providers, the projects used by Carbon Positive Motorsport have to meet the highest standards to ensure and prove their benefits are assured to be truly additional and permanent, to genuinely help contribute to Net Zero goals.

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit our website


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