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The Comprop Guernsey Rally to carbon offset all competitors.

11 February 2023

The Comprop Guernsey Rally will include carbon offsetting for all competitors in a first for the event, working in partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport for the first time.

The event seeks to reduce its environmental impact as part of a long-term environmental road map, which hopes to extend this partnership to other motorsport events in Guernsey.

The event will join other events in the UK by using Carbon Positive Motorsport's end-to-end event package, which uses only the highest quality of rewilding-based carbon offsetting projects.

For 2023, the event will use the Woodland Carbon Code certified project based at Loch Ness in Scotland, which last year had over 200 tonnes of carbon offsetting purchases made by motorsport competitors through Carbon Positive Motorsport and its partner Highland Carbon.

Unlike low cost overseas carbon offsetting schemes often used by other providers, projects such as those based at Loch Ness have to meet the highest standards to ensure and prove their benefits are assured to be truly additional and permanent, to genuinely help contribute to Net Zero goals.

Carbon Positive Motorsport has gone from strength to strength in their first full season of operation, and has brought a lot of media attention to the events and competitors using their services.

Paul said, "I’m really pleased that the Comprop Guernsey Rally organisers decided to work with our end-to-end event carbon offsetting package. By including carbon offsetting in the entry they are making a big commitment about their ambitions for the environment, and showing that events of all sizes can take meaningful action to benefit the sport."

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable. To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit our website #CarbonPositiveMotorsport #CarbonPositive #PositiveAboutMotorsport #GuernseyRally


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