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Feature Article: Snowman Rally Review

The Snowman Rally generated widespread interest in how carbon offsetting can help to secure a positive future for motorsport.

Forming part of Carbon Positive Motorsport's web platform launch, The AM Phillip Trucktech Snowman Rally brought a quality entry and thousands of spectators flocking to the SRC season opening event.

Unseasonably warm weather welcomed almost 90 crews, many of whom had chosen to compete with our offsetting offer, which provides up to 25% more carbon emission offsetting than is generated through competition.

As part of the launch the event organisers had their event vehicles carbon offset for the rally, and spectators also had the opportunity of offsetting their carbon footprint from the rally. All the offsets were provided using local Woodland Carbon Code certified carbon offsetting rewilding projects based at Loch Ness.

Carbon Positive Motorsport ambassadors Jock Armstrong, John Wink and Ashleigh Morris were joined on the day by Angus Lawrie, and former British and Scottish Rally Champion David Bogie, who returned to the series in his WRC Mini, and was offsetting his carbon footprint for the first time.

In advance of the event there was a considerable media interest in the event’s innovative commitment to the environment, most notably through BBC news, and in various national and local media, as well as through social media which attracted thousands of post engagements.

Interest continued following the event, with Ashleigh Morris being featured in the Press & Journal and in a BBC Scotland radio interview. Ashleigh is one of our first brand ambassadors and she commented in the P&J article that "whilst the higher levels of the sport are now investing in electrification and hybrid models, it will be a long time until that technology can filter down to the grassroots of motorsport.

"We all need to play our part, both to protect the environment and also the image of our sport. Carbon positive motorsport can play a pivotal role for competitors, teams, organisers, and spectators, enabling them to offset their carbon footprint in a cost-effective way."

Angus Lawrie had an unfortunate event with engine failure – not the way we want to see a reduction in carbon.

Steve Smith, Director of Carbon Positive Motorsport, commented "The Snowman Rally was a showcase to demonstrate this inclusive approach, which is needed to make a real difference, and to encourage all to take responsibility from the grassroots up.

"To be successful we need everyone at all levels and involvement in rallying to adopt offsetting as a natural behaviour. We have created an easy-to-use service that provides the highest quality of offsetting possible in the world at a relatively low cost.

"Our first online customers often reached out to us to check that the prices being charged were in fact correct! For example, to offset one R5 car we covered on the Snowman, cost just over £10. It’s really very little to do so much good, and to help make our sport sustainable for the future."

Brian Ross had a successful event, benefiting from some upgrades made before the Snowman.

Stuart Irvine overcame some pre-event issues to entertain the crowds in his ex-works Hyundai Accent WRC.

Iain Urquhart in the Highland Reivers Racing run Evo literally arranged his carbon offset moments before starting the event.

Paul Glass, the founder of Carbon Positive Motorsport, and an SRC competitor said: “It’s been a great event for us, our goal was to raise awareness of our offer and our purpose. Speaking to competitors, organisers, and spectators today, I think we have achieved that objective.

"It’s especially important as most rewilding-based carbon offsetting projects within the UK are based in the Highlands of Scotland, that the Highland's premier motorsport event should be part of our launch and benefit these projects from its running."

Cameron Black was our first online customer – describing the service as common sense, and very easy to use.

Paul added, "But we are here for all motorsport events, and wherever possible to match them to regional projects that meet the world class standards we feel are necessary to avoid any claims of greenwashing. By using rewilding projects, we generate greater environmental benefits than offsetting alone, and we are the first and only dedicated carbon offsetting provider for motorsport.

"We are both competitors and professionals within the motorsport industry, who understand the unique needs motorsport has in today’s world, and the challenges motorsport can present for accurate offsetting. It’s taken us two years of hard work to put together our offer, and its very rewarding to receive such positive feedback and interest.

"I would like to thank the Highland Car Club for their support, and especially the competitors at all levels in the field who have already started their adoption of carbon offsetting in our sport. Each of us creates an impact, and its vital that all get involved for the good of the environment and our sport."

Photos courtesy of West Coast Photos

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

For more information, or to become Carbon Positive yourself, visit


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