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CPM Donate to Ukraine

August 23, 2022

Carbon Positive Motorsport makes first donations to Ukrainian motorsport groups providing humanitarian assistance.

Earlier this year we announced our intention to donate a proportion of our sales profits regularly to motorsport related organisations in the Ukraine who were supporting or providing humanitarian aid during the tragic conflict.

By working directly with Ukrainian Rally Champion Co-driver Juliya Yefimova we can take advice and direct these donations to groups most in need. Juliya has kept us updated regularly of the devastating war and directed our first company donation from our sales from March, April & May.

Earlier this year Yuliya competed as a guest in Lithuania where the event wanted to highlight the ‘Stand up for Ukraine’ cause by providing her and her driver a loaned car livered in the campaign’s colours.

This sales period includes all online customer sales, and includes events such as The Snowman Rally, The Rallynuts Stages Rally, The Speyside Stages and The Manx Rally. Thank you to all customers and events during this period, not only have you helped to make motorsport more sustainable, but you have also contributed to motorsport related people providing help to those in need in the Ukraine.

At Juliya’s request we have directed our first donations to a small group of rally drivers led by Alexandr Rogochiy and Sergei Bevz, who are providing their skills to help repair and maintain vehicles providing support for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and the donations help to purchase materials to keep the vehicles running.

Alexandr Rogochiy in happier times, flying on his way to runner up spot in the Ukrainian Rally championship in 2021.

Juliya commented ‘thank you all very much for your support, and please don’t forget us – the most important thing of all is life’.

Please click here to watch a touching short film that combines the challenges of motorsport and the war, with details on Alexandr’s and Sergei’s work, and links to how you can contribute directly to support their activities.

It only takes a small amount to make a big difference so please donate if you can.


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