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Diesel - Carbon Positive

To ensure that your carbon emissions from fuel usage are offset to become Carbon Positive, we charge 19p for every litre of fuel you use, with a minimum quantity of 50 litres of fuel. 

By buying Carbon Positive you make a positive difference to the environment, with the future offsetting of 125% of your estimated emissions from fuel usage.


For every initial purchase we provide you with a decal to promote that you are working with our offsetting services, and are positive about motorsport.


We aggregate all online purchases monthly to secure carbon reduction units, that represent all purchasers estimated fuel consumptions equivalent carbon footprints, using industry standard conversion factors provided by the UK government. 


The carbon unit’s transaction is then made and held for all aggregated purchases by carbon positive motorsport ltd and is registered within 90 days by the UK regulatory body IHS Markits, and subsequently recorded on the UK land registry to ensure full traceability of such carbon reduction units and projects through their lifetime.


On request following this registry period we can provide for an Individual purchase, the equivalent CO2e for your transaction and our corresponding registry transaction details, by contacting, with your purchase invoice number.


Diesel - Carbon Positive

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  • About this product

    We purchase carbon offsets as pending issuance units via our partner Highland Carbon.  Below is an example of one of their carbon reduction projects that we have invested in to offset your fuel usage. 

    The actual project that offsets your specific carbon footprint may vary, but all projects are located in the UK.

  • Loch Ness Project Details

    Project Supplier:  Highland Carbon
    Project Retailer:  Carbon Positive Motorsport
    Recognised Framework:  UK Woodland Carbon Code
    Project Name:  Loch Ness Project
    Project Establishment Year:  2022
    Project Validation Year:  2022
    Unit Vintage Years: 2047-2112
    Credit Type: Pending Issuance Units

    Project ID: 104000000027968

  • Loch Ness Project Description

    It is a two-phase native woodland restoration project just to the south of Loch Ness and near the Great Glen in Scotland.  The 92 Hectare project comprises 100,000 trees and will achieve 20,092 tCO2e in offsetting.  

    The planting site comprises a diverse range of native tree species including Caledonian Scots pine, sessile oak, hazel, downy birch, rowan, eared willow and aspen.   The reintroduction of 1,000 aspen trees is particularly exciting as these had been eradicated from the Highlands.  

    The project site is uphill from the great Loch and in the immediate vicinity of Loch Mhor.  The estate itself is considerably mountainous and surrounded by several other large mountainous estates.  The estate is home to Red grouse, Black grouse, Red deer, Roe deer, Sika deer and more. 

    The project expands existing woodland on the estate and is contiguous with forests on an adjacent estate.  One of our aims is for red squirrels and pine martens to populate the estate from the adjacent estate.  Other rare species in the area include Golden plover, dunlin, Golden eagles (nesting sites), white-tailed eagles (feeding), ospreys (feeding), capercaille, ptarmigan, otters and water voles. 


  • More Information

    We provide future offsetting based on carbon reduction units achieved through pending issuance units (PIUs). These units are certified and verified by the Woodland Carbon Code or Peatland Code to provide a verified carbon offsetting benefit in the future.

    These units are administered through the only UK approved carbon trading registry by IHS Markits, and published on the UK Land Registry to ensure traceability and the validity of genuine carbon offsetting.  Your purchase is aggregated and purchased via our partner Highland Carbon and is based on a specific project, or a combination of projects, from our carbon offsetting project portfolio, the details of which are displayed and updated regularly on our website. Your purchase will result in carbon offsetting made exclusively within the UK, for UK generated carbon emissions.

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