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Mitigate your
carbon footprint

easily offset your carbon emissions for a whole season

Why not offset your entire motorsport season?


The average club competitor generates an estimated carbon footprint from fuel usage of between one and three tonnes of CO2e per season. Offsetting one tonne of C02e is equivalent to offsetting 430 litres of fuel.


We will offset one tonne of CO2 emissions via our partner, Highland Carbon, by purchasing carbon offsets on your behalf, using an established overseas project (La Primavera) where the trees are already planted.


You will also receive a gift pack containing your offsetting certificate and decals for your competition car confirming you have offset your entire motorsport season.


PLUS.... with each purchase you will become climate positive!

As part of our ongoing commitment to offsetting more CO2 than is generated, for every tonne of offset you purchase from overseas, we will provide a second tonne as a Pending Issuance Unit (PIU) from a UK afforestation project (the Loch Ness Project). A PIU is effectively a 'promise to deliver' a Woodland Carbon Unit in the future, based on predicted emission reductions, as the trees grow.