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Ambassador Feature: Osian Pryce

November 17, 2022

Now the dust has settled on the British Rally Championship for 2022, we caught up with the brand new British Rally Champion and Carbon Positive Motorsport ambassador, Osian Pryce.

Steve Smith, one of the founding directors of Carbon Positive Motorsport, sat down with Osian recently, to reflect on what was a great championship win and his plans for the future.

CPM: What attracted you initially to rallying and how did you first start?

OP: Rallying was in my blood and DNA, my father and grandfather competed long before I was born, but there was just something there that attracted me to rallying. In my younger days it was all about motorbikes for me, as it was so accessible, but I was a huge rally fan. As a youngster, all I thought about was wheels and engines !

CPM: How does it feel to be crowned The 2022 British Rally Champion?

OP: To be honest, it's a very strange feeling. Very difficult to describe. I went back to work straight away after the rally, and thought nothing more of it as such, but the realisation of a lifelong ambition makes me quite emotional at times, especially when people will cross the street to come over and congratulate me. So in short, a big relief after all the work and a special feeling I can’t describe.

CPM: What was your best event this year and why?

OP: It may be a biased decision, but Rali Ceredigion was the best event by far. The effort from all aspects was a breath of fresh air for British rallying. Everything was well thought out and it was such a pleasure to do the event, I really, really enjoyed myself and had the added bonus of having so many family and friends there.

CPM: Please explain to our readers the feeling you have about the Melvyn Evans VW R5 rally car & the team that carried you to victory?

OP: I'm very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to drive this special car. It's been like a part of my body for the last two seasons. It’s difficult to describe a feeling in a car, but the team vibe is very much a family environment which I love, and the results speak for themselves - four wins this year out of six starts.

CPM: What gets you out of bed every day? Tell us about your day job?

OP: I work for my family business. As a builder, the business is the heart and soul of the family and has been going for over 30 years so it nice to be a part of it. It’s difficult to juggle work commitments and rallying at times, but they support me all the way.

CPM: What's your plans for the 2023 Championship and what support, if any, are you looking for?

OP: No plans as yet, but I have an idea of what I'd like to do and achieve. I'd like to explore a bit more in Europe, and pick some high profile, high competition events mixed in with some UK events. It's a work in progress...

CPM: How would you inspire young rally drivers to become a British Rally Champion driver and what steps do they need to take to achieve the UK highest rally accolade?

OP: It's a difficult question to answer. There is not one clear road to the top, it can be achieved in many different ways, as has been proven over and over again. I think as a young driver you have to inspire yourself and have the hunger for it. If it wasn't for my hunger, I could have easily thrown the towel in after all the setbacks I had, but I'm so glad I kept going.

CPM: Would you like to add anything else?

OP: Yes, I'd like to thank everyone involved for their support this year, from my sponsors, team and Noel, to my friends and family. It's been a great year, and something I will never forget.

CPM: Thank you Osian, for taking the time to talk to us.

All the team at CPM wish Osian and his championship winning co-driver Noel O'Sullivan the very best for 2023. Whatever they decide to run, CPM again will offset their 2023 season's motorsport fuel usage.

For more information visit, follow @OsianPryce on twitter, or go to

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

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