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Excite Team GB become CPM Partners

Excite Team GB commits to a long-term partnership with Carbon Positive Motorsport, starting with the Welsh Borders Hill Rally.

Dean Faulker, Sponsor & Partnerships Manager at Excite Team GB, explained that the team have long been aware of the carbon footprint of off-road motorsport, not just from a racing point of view, but including all the travel that goes alongside transporting vehicles to and from race venues.

"Having made a big impression in our first race season proper in 2021 and gained a great profile around what we were doing, it made us even more acutely aware of our responsibilities towards climate change.

"We looked at a few options around offsetting our emissions across our race activities looking forward. But what drew us towards Carbon Positive Motorsport was their knowledge and experience in this area and that they took our aims one step further to not only offset our footprint, but to over offset to make this a positive contribution to the climate around us.”

Steve Smith, director of Carbon Positive Motorsport said ‘’One of the many goals behind Carbon Positive Motorsport was to work with all motorsport disciplines. This type of motorsport is just another example of that and shows how we can support and protect the environment. It's a cost effective and simple way to work towards offsetting your fuel consumption-based carbon footprint.

"One of the reasons we also decided to partner up with Excite Team GB is their longer term team ambitions that include Dakar 2024, which was always one of our personal targets to offset, due to our intention to develop internationally and considering the very high mileage and multiple day event format, where fuel consumption and carbon emissions are particularly high. We wish the team every success this year and in the future."

Follow the Excite Team on social media:

Facebook – Excite Team GB

Twitter - @ExciteDakarGB

Instagram - @exciterallyraid

The Welsh Borders Hill Rally takes place on 27-29 May 2022

It only costs a little to make a big difference for the sport, so whether you're a competitor or spectator, why not join with us to help make motorsport sustainable.

To become Carbon Positive yourself, visit our website


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