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Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally to offset over 21,000 kg of CO2e

The Voyonic Grampian Forest Rally has partnered with Carbon Positive Motorsport to provide carbon offsetting for all competitors and organisers event vehicles, as part of a long-term environmental roadmap and commitment to mitigate the event's carbon footprint.

At the close of entries, over 50% of the competitors taking part in this year’s event have decided to participate in supporting the event’s roadmap by including carbon offsetting as part of their event entry.

The competitors, together with the official organiser’s vehicles used on the event itself, will enable the rally to offset in the future over 21,000kg of carbon emissions, which is believed to be the highest level of voluntary carbon offsetting by any motorsport event in Scotland to date.

Carbon Positive Motorsport founder Paul Glass said ‘It is a tremendous first step in the event's plan to progressively mitigate their carbon emissions as part of their environmental roadmap. Not only will such a high level of carbon emissions be offset using properly certified and verified woodland carbon code projects here in Scotland, but also this initiative provides additional environmental benefits such as restoring ancient woodlands and native biodiversity."

Carbon Positive Motorsport brand ambassador Ashleigh Morris, speaking during a pre-event testing session for the rally, added: "It’s important to me to do what I can to offset my carbon footprint and make motorsport more sustainable - I’m really proud to be part of such an important initiative which has achieved so much in such a short space of time."

The event also represents two special anniversaries – with seventy years of the event organisers Stonehaven and District Motor Club, as well as the first-year anniversary of Carbon Positive Motorsport who launched their brand at last year’s Grampian Forest Rally.

Director Steve Smith said, "One year has passed so quickly - but thanks to the event organisers last year who helped our launch, and those who support the initiative through the rapidly increasing use of our services, we are seeing greater awareness and action within the sport to reduce and mitigate an event's carbon footprint. This is crucial as part of motorsport's action on the environment and in helping to reach net zero."

To further reduce the event's environmental impact, Carbon Positive Motorsport are also offering all Grampian Forest Rally competitors and spectators a 20% discount on their standard web shop prices, to encourage all travelling to the event to help bring a greater positive environmental impact.

A special discount code (GR22S) has been created to use on Carbon Positive Motorsports online sales platform, which will be available for all competitors and spectators to use to carbon offset their event related travel.

You can help to make a big difference for the sport - whether you're an event organiser, competitor, spectator, or a business involved in motorsport, why not join with us to help make motorsport environmentally sustainable. Contact us for an initial event consultation to meet your event requirements - we offer a full range of bespoke services as well as our end-to-end carbon offsetting package. For more information, or to become Carbon Positive yourself, visit #CarbonPositiveMotorsport #CarbonPositive #PositiveAboutMotorsport #MakingMotorsportSustainable


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